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Units 116, 117, 118 & 119 of Duluth International Village

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Available For Lease

This retail condominium property is offered for Lease with a tenant improvement allowance adequate to finish the space into a "clean white box" condition that includes finished drywall, two single head ADA compliant washrooms,  an electrical panel, and with a heating and air conditioning system adequate for the space..   A prospective tenant may propose to complete all improvements needed in exchange for a lower lease rate; interested parties are encouraged to contact Meridian Property Group, Ltd. (404-522-4111) for additional information.   Lease terms are subject to approval of a US Bankrup

Available For Sale

This retail condominium property is offered for sale, subject to approval by a US Bankruptcy Court.   The 4 unit property comprises a total of 4800 Square Feet in area, or 1200 SF per unit.   The units remain in their original, unfinished, shell condition, and are offered in this as-is condition.    

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