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Duluth International Village

Point Berkeley II Retail Condominium Association, Inc.

Exciting changes are coming to Duluth International Village.  New businessess open every day.  A new landscape is coming to the front of the retail center, one that allows for better visibility of the center. 


Most importantly, the anchor unit is under contract and should soon be sold to a major Korean Style Sauna.  


Important Files:

This simple webpage is designed to give members of the Point Berkeley II Retail Condominium Association, Inc. and their tenants access to important files.  By clicking on any link, you can download and print the document you need.  All files are in .PDF (Adobe) format. 

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please call Meridian Property Group, Ltd. at 404-522-4111.


Whenever you apply for a permit, you will typically need these reports for your building:


(1) Fire Sprinkler Inspection Reports (Expires February 2017):





(2) Fire Alarm Inspection and Testing Forms (Expires February 2017):









(3) Hydrant Maintenance Report (Hydrant Test Expires May 2016):









(4) Backflow Prevention Device Test Data Maintenance Report (Expires May 2017):










(5) Signage Criteria:


Whenever you wish to buy and install a sign at Point Berkeley II; it must be approved by the Association before it is installed.  It is best to submit the design to the Association and get approval BEFORE the sign is made. It is also a good idea to have your sign installer call Meridian BEFORE the sign is installed; if a sign is not installed correctly, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the exterior of the building.  Below is the Association's design criteria for signage.













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