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For Sale:  139 Ralph McGill Blvd.

This 100 year old building offers unique Loft office spaces at an excellent value.  Suites are available from 1,500 Square Feet up to 4,000 Square Feet; the listing price for this property is $995,000 USD.


The Atlanta Civic Center Property is located across the street, just 200 feet away.  The Atlanta Civic Center property is soon to undergo a significant transition into an exciting new development.  Read the Atlanta Business Chronicle's report on the Civic Center project here: 


Key Facts about 139 Ralph McGill:


(1) Income & Expense:  The building is partially occupied by a small business tenant, but rent revenues are limited.  The present tenant leases approximately 1400 SF on a month-to-month modified gross rent agreement; rent is approximately $12/SF.  The presence of a tenant allows for controlled access to the building, and discourages urban camping.  Please do not disturb the tenant,  Meridian Property Group, Ltd.  is happy to answer your questions, or arrange for a visit to the property.  As the building has minimal occupancy at present, expenses are limited.  Annual property tax for 2015 was $16,459.40 USD, most power consumption is paid by tenant, common area power usage is $300 per month or less.  Water is $150 per month or less.    


(2) Condition of Property:  The original structure was built circa 1890.  Additions and modifications to this original structure appear to date from the 1950s.  The current renovation/configuration of the building dates from the 1990s; plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems are functional, but were installed in the 1990s.   The roof is in need of replacement; the current building owners do make roof repairs when necessary, but the need for repairs has become so frequent that immediate replacement of the roof is encouraged.    


Click Here to view Building Floorplans


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Click Here to view a Quote for Roof Replacement


(3)  Phase I Environmental Report:  The report is quite extensive, and so it is divided into smaller sections so as to prevent difficulties with slower internet connections, or when sending the file by email.  We are pleased with the results of this report. 


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(4) General Property Information:  This Propety is For Sale at $995,000 USD.  A simple brochure is available below.


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